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Obama Term - Barack Obamas Last Day as President

President Barack Obamas last day as president was January 20, 2017, and he spent it doing what most American presidents did on their last few hours in the White House. He greeted the incoming president, Republican Donald Trump, and Trumps family. He wrote a note to his successor that read, in part:  Ã¢â‚¬Å"We’ve both been blessed, in different ways, with great good fortune.† And then Obama attended Trumps swearing-in ceremony. Obama, like every other president serving his final term, became a lame duck president the day he was sworn into office for a second time following his Election Day rout  of Mitt Romney in 2012. Trump was chosen  in the 2016 election and sworn into office at noon on Jan. 20, 2017. Trumps first term ends on Jan. 20, 2021, when the next president is sworn into office. That day is called Inauguration Day. Obama Keeps a Low Profile After Term Ends Obama spoke very little in the first months after he left the White House. He held a conversation on community organizing and civic engagement in Chicago as he approached his 100th day out of office. Obamas first substantial criticism of his successor came in early September of 2017, nearly eight months after Trump took office; the former president, a Democrat, was critical of Trumps plan to kill the  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. The program allows children of immigrants living in the United States illegally to stay in the country without fear of immediate prosecution. Said Obama in response to Trumps plan: â€Å"To target these young people is wrong ― because they have done nothing wrong. It is self-defeating ― because they want to start new businesses, staff our labs, serve in our military, and otherwise contribute to the country we love. And it is cruel. This is about whether we are a people who kick hopeful young strivers out of America, or whether we treat them the way we’d want our own kids to be treated. It’s about who we are as a people ― and who we want to be.† When Obamas Term Ended The date of the presidential swearing-in and conclusion of a presidents term is set by the 20th Amendment to the Constitution. Under the terms of the 20th Amendment, a presidents term  ends at noon on Jan. 20.   The 20th Amendment reads, in part: The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3d day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin. Awaiting Obamas Last Day Its become a sort of modern-day political tradition for a presidents staunchest critics to begin counting down his last days in office. Obama endured such treatment from conservative Republicans. There were even commercial endeavors to celebrate Obamas last day in office: bumper stickers, buttons, and T-shirts announcing Jan. 20, 2017, as the End of an error and Americans happiest day. Obamas predecessor, Republican President George W. Bush, was the target of similar campaigns, including an  Out of Office Countdown Wall Calendar that included some of the most well known Bushisms.   The Republican National Committee celebrated Obamas last day as president by posting the date on its website even before he was elected to a second term in 2012. The GOP designed the ad to raise money from conservatives worried about him being re-elected. The party said: The RNC is clearly not giving President Obama a free pass in 2012 - quite the opposite actually, we are aggressively showing voters what our country would look like after another four years of President Obama and his tax and spend policies that have done nothing to create jobs and leave us vulnerable to governments like China. When Obama Was Sworn In to His Final Term Alex Wong / Getty Images Obama was sworn in to a second term on Jan. 20, 2013, after easily defeating Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election. Why Presidents Can Serve Only Two Terms Obama, like all U.S. presidents, cannot serve a third term in the White House because of the Constitutions 22nd Amendment, even though many conspiracy theorists believe Obama would try to remain president beyond his eight years in office.

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The Hidden Truth on Essay Papers Sale Uncovered

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A “Race and Color” Reading Free Essays

Othello is one of the greatest tragedies by William Shakespeare. The Socio-Economic setting of the play drives us to ponder over it again and again. Othello was a Moor and had fallen head over heels in love with Desdemona and won her hands in marriage. We will write a custom essay sample on A â€Å"Race and Color† Reading or any similar topic only for you Order Now Being unacquainted with the customs and norms of an alien culture, Othello had to suffer a lot.  Ã‚   What would have happened if Othello were not a Moor but a respected citizen of Venice? Automatically, the socio-economic equation would have changed and Othello might surely have enjoyed an enviable privilege to have a well-planned control over the whole situation. In Othello, we find a black man’s ‘sense of insecurity’, ‘puerility’, ‘eccentricity’ .Iago, the ‘artist in crime’ is a sordid opportunist of the postcolonial era, who insinuates, motivates and plans adeptly to take advantage of the characteristic weaknesses of Othello leading to irremediable frustration and despair that act as a stimulus in the murder of Desdemona. In Othello, we find a black man’s ‘sense of insecurity’, ‘puerility’, ‘eccentricity’ .Iago, the ‘artist in crime’ is a sordid opportunist of the postcolonial era, who insinuates, motivates and plans adeptly to take advantage of the characteristic weaknesses of Othello leading to irremediable frustration and despair that act as a stimulus in the murder of Desdemona.   Othello is the Moor white men need for their protection and well-being. Othello comes from a different socio-economic background and is employed by the tense and visibly perturbed Duke :†Valiant Othello, we must straight employ you,/Against the general enemy Ottoman. Written at a time when Negroes were being supplied to Virginia, Shakespeare’s Othello’s spirit glows with noble ancestral memories and critics like Grant White hold that only a civilized and warlike race could produce an Othello. Othello has a presence; he can raise the whites like Cassio to higher ranks, he can head an army, he can order two drunken men to sheath weapons, he can, if required, dismiss them for their offence and he is black and belongs to a lower socio-economic strata and after all race and social status mattered at that time. Hence the union of Othello and Desdemona is presented as the mating of animals, with the Moor as the ‘black ram’, a   practitioner of   ‘arts inhibited.’ A white Prospero can use magic openly and boldly and Shakespeare is apologetic to none but King James, while, Othello’s wooing and winning of a white woman is tantamount to the practice of ‘black magic.’ Othello, after all, is an employee of the Duke and hails from a questionable background of a Moor who claims to be well-traveled but is reticent on his redoubtable socio-economic background. Can he in any way emulate the social status of Brabantio, whose daughter he marries out of love? Brabantio remembers the ‘wealthy curled darlings’ of his nation and is furious at the thought of his fair daughter against the Moor’s ‘sooty bosom’. Othello, the Moor, can hardly be accepted by the Venetian public as his skin is of black hue and he comes from an alien socio-economic status.   Othello seemed gratified as he had proved to be the right and only choice in the life of Desdemona. Till then, Othello had never been reminded of the fact that he was a Moor whom Desdemona was supposed to be afraid of. Basically, Othello was not a craven fellow, whose spirits could easily dampen on futile grounds. Othello wished not to doubt Desdemona but he never could brook the presence of any other lover in the life of Desdemona, whom he loved to the point of distraction. He blurted out at one point, â€Å"Cassio, I love the; But never more be officer of mine.† Regarding Othello, we come across a myriad points of view. Critics have labeled Othello   as a play of ‘sexual jealousy’ a play of motive and temptations ,so on, so forth. But here we see that Othello being unaware of the socio-economic picture of Venice treads the wrong path and gulps the dangerous bait. He ,like a fool, yields to Iago’s repeated insinuations. If Desdemona would have been a Moor herself , the disaster hardly would have followed. On the contrary, if Othello were not a Moor, his ‘sense of insecurity’ and ‘inferiority complex’ could not get the better of him, on the slightest provocation by Iago. Othello, even in Act III seemed ingenuous , generous easily credulous and firm in reason ,when he says, â€Å"†¦.This not to make me jealous/To say my wife is fair, feeds well,/loves company,†¦. Where virtue is, these are more virtuous.† Being a Moor, he won the love and undivided attention of Desdemona. When Iago crept in between them and strove heart and soul to malign the relationship, Othello lent him credulous ears. Didn’t he understand that Iago was keen on creating a rift in their unflinching alliance? Of course, in the subconscious of the protagonist, he made a dent surreptitiously and without Othello’s cognizance. Othello felt perplexed to find that even his truest and unalloyed love could not keep Desdemona ‘loyal’ to him! Was it simply because he was a Moor? Or, did Desdemona have to lose her life to Othello, only because the Black-and-White conflict caught hold of his mind unawares? We hear Othello recounting his shortcomings in a soliloquy in Act III ,Sc iii,lines-263-7: â€Å"Haply for I am black, /And have not those soft parts of conversation/†¦.She’s gone, I am abused.† His distrust lay rooted in himself ,in the society in which he feared himself ‘unaccepted’, though his love had   fully been requited, reciprocated. Why did then ‘uncertainty’ gnaw at his entrails? It was possibly because ,Othello could never forget the acrimonious warning of Brabantio: â€Å"Look to her, Moor, if thou hast   eyes to see:/She has deceived her father, and may thee.† How to cite A â€Å"Race and Color† Reading, Papers

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Social mobility and status attainment in American society

Table of Contents Introduction Social mobility Status attainment Social stratification Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Studies pertaining to social mobility have concentrated on movement of individuals from one social class to another. The research is hence embraced in terms of processes in which mobility fluctuates upwards and downwards, thereby incorporating short and long distance mobility throughout the class structure.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Social mobility and status attainment in American society specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More In addition to this, social mobility incorporates inter-generational mobility, which in turn indicates the mobility that exists between family of origin and the class of the individual. Apart from the inter-generational mobility, social mobility also incorporates intra-generational mobility that refers to the mobility existing between a person’s prior occupa tion and the current occupation (Devine 45). Prestige and socio-economic status kind of occupations were linked to success in education and social origins of individuals. This is based on studies carried out on status attainment traditions of frequent social mobility (Marshall et al 241). Social mobility According to Devine (45), sociologists have zeroed in on two issues in analyzing and examination both the trends and patterns of social mobility. The first issue is the demographic class formation. In this first issue, stable collectiveness of individuals is established with the focus being on individuals processing the same life chances. As a result of this, researchers are left with no option, but to establish the overall or absolute de facto rate of mobility. In the second issue of mobility, researchers have undertaken the process of establishing the level of openness within a community by examining social fluidity. The focus point is on the relative rate of mobility that is achi eved by comparing various mobility chances processed by different kind of people, as well as groups. Mobility research has guided specific interests, thereby shaping the different fonts of social mobility of empirical work. The two issues of social fluidity and class formation together with the trends and patterns in relative and absolute social mobility have become the hot topic within the boundaries of researchers’ studies (Devine 45). In the US, social mobility is based on the experiences of both the whites and the ethnic minorities. According to the evidence attained, there is an indication of structural change that is symbolized by a decrease in farm occupation and increase in non-manual employment, hence resulting to an upward mobility. A decline in the linkage between the origins and the destinations was also noted, although it was high in respect to the whites as compared to the minorities.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This link was later to be weakened by the education system that meant more and more people acquired degrees. America has hence evolved to be an open society rather than a rigid society. According to the research carried out in 1980s, structural change is noted to be slowly slowing down, as the link between the origin and destination continues to slacken (Devine 46). High levels of social mobility have been identified in America as part of early observation. In 1962, the first national survey that dealt with social mobility was conducted by Blau and Duncan. The two researchers viewed mobility as an up and down system that revolved around social hierarchy. In this hierarchy, individuals were ranked according to education and income, while the focus was individual attainment and not mobility. Factors like family background, gender, ethnicity, and education were used to influence success or failure (Devine 48). Status attainmen t Status attainment has been described as a process where people secure particular social position and maintain it within the boundaries of the ones status. According to the research undertaken by the Blau and Duncan, an occupation that is individually chosen depends on two main factors: 1) education and 2) ability one processes. The education background, occupation, and status of the parents also play a great role together with a simple luck. On looking at the occupation of the children in comparison to that of their parents, one cannot help but to notice cross-flow relationship in terms of status and prestige that exists between the two groups. This hence indicates that children of high status parents have high chances of inheriting the same status as their parents when compared with children of low status parents. It is through the status attainment model that scholars have managed to analyze class. Blau’s work is attributed to this model, as he indicated other factors lik e government policy and non-parental significant others can cause upward mobility (Weir 80). According to Brym and Lie (235), the process of status attainment is pretty much at the same level for both the minorities and women, in comparison with the white men. Years of schooling is said to have a major impact in status attainment as compared to father’s occupation. However, while comparing individuals of the same education level and same family background, the minorities, the women and the Hispanic Americans still lug behind as compared to white men. In conclusion, status attainment cannot be explained simply by focusing on individual characteristics but also incorporating group characteristics. These group characteristics include barriers faced by the group, thus keeping them from attaining mobility (Brym Lie 235).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Social mobility and status attainment in American society specifically for you for only $16.05 $ 11/page Learn More Social stratification Social stratification has been divided into three parts by Kerbo (15) for easier understanding, namely: poverty, comparative stratification systems, and social movement theory. These studies focused on lower class and mainly dwelt on poverty as pathology instead of systemic causes. In addition to this, majority of the foundations are more than willing to fund researches that uphold the existence of poverty as a culture. This is because the emphasis applied on the individualism and culture helps to shift the economic and political structures, which they are a part and parcel of. Moreover, the learned and the elite have perfected the act of effecting the idea that majority of the poor Americans contributed in creating the situation they are in. Kerbo hence argues that instead of focusing on poverty, one should focus on social stratification (Weir 423). Conclusion Social mobility and status attainment literature is not in contradi ction with the social origins. In social mobility literature, intergenerational mobility occurs in between a narrow strip of occupations. This is well elaborated by the fact that very few people are born in families of low status and they rise to clinch the presidency. This is due to the fact that individuals that have attained upward mobility are more likely to have arisen from either middle class family or upper class families, as opposed to working class family. In accounting for the indirect and direct effects of parental status, the achieved status remains to be the critical status in accounting for the individual’s attained status. Evaluation of theoretical revisions must take place before contributing to status attainment. Thus, comparison in terms of importance of personal and social resources can be concluded to be status attainment. Works Cited Brym J. Robert and Lie John. Sociology: your compass for a new world. CA: Thomson Learning, Inc. 2007. Devine, Fiona. Socia l class in America and Britain. London: Edinburgh University Press. 1997.Advertising Looking for essay on social sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Kerbo, Harold R. Social stratification and inequality: Class conflict in the United States. London: McGraw-Hill. 2002. Marshall, Gordon, et al. Against the odds?: social class and social justice in industrial societies. NY: Oxford University Press. 2002. Weir, Robert. Class in America: A-G. CT: Greenwood Press. 2007. This essay on Social mobility and status attainment in American society was written and submitted by user Isabela Tillman to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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A Strategic Plan for Launching BMW 3 Series in USA and UK - Smart Custom Writing Samples

A Strategic Plan for Launching BMW 3 Series in USA and UK - Smart Custom Writing Ford VS ToyotaThe current paper deals with the question of productive flow and product quality of the two biggest and the most famous car producers in the world, Ford and Toyota and in what way improvements in productive flow and product quality lead to an increase in sales and profit of the companies. Both of them are worldwide famous manufacturers of the cars of different sizes and modifications. The main principles of the company are constant quality that is supplied by permanent quality control and improvement of the product line (Hales 2001, p.23). Toyota has been a foremost supplier of pioneering lift trucks for over 40 years already. According to latest data, the company has sold  Ã‚   over 1 million cars to thousands of pleased customers in over 200 countries all over the world. It gained extreme popularity in every country. In every stage of the company’s operation there is a complete devotion to quality and constant improvement of the product flow, as the experts working in the company realize that there two factors can lead to the direct increasing of sales and result in the augmented profits. The dedication to the quality has led to the company’s popularity and recognition all over the world. Toyota is 100% devoted to delivering brilliance from product expansion to after sales service. Product quality and productive flow were put in place from the st art at the Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing capability in Columbus, Indiana. Improvement of a product quality authorize the employees of Toyota company to make quality their first priority and demonstrate devotion of the company commitment to quality in every stage of the production process. Needless to say, that product quality is essential for every company as it is a pledge of successful future. The latest researches of the Toyota activity, conducted in 2009 demonstrated that the company has implemented the innovative techniques for the product quality assurance.   By the quality-improvement program, the company will use the so-called go and see for yourself method to reinforce the ability to carry out technological investigations for every case of supposed malfunction of the product and to follow through with correct actions.   First, in the territory of United States, the company tried to be able to carry out on-site examinations within 24 hours of reported inciden ts by modification its information-gathering capabilities. In addition, the engineers of the company will conduct direct Customer Quality Engineering activities. Moreover, the company is planning to open technical offices in some U.S. towns that will hand out to reinforce the consumer service functions of Toyota local sales companies. Toyota Company is planning to undertake related initiatives in other regions of the world, increasing the functions of its technical offices and opening new ones as essential to maintain a solid, local reply in each region (Liker 2004, p. 24). These innovations in the sphere of quality control that the company managed to carry out during the last five years of its existence in the market have resulted in the increasing of sales and general profit of the company. It is understood that people need qualitative first class products. This is possible to achieve due to the constant improvement and quality control of the manufactured products. The company wil l equip its vehicles with an extended range of functionality for finding out the problems automatically and for recording the mistakes electronically, as well as conducting other tasks. This functionality will be very useful in quickly evaluating technological problems and in punctually taking counteractive measures. The next important issue under consideration of the company Toyota is the productive flaw .The managerial of the company understands that in order to preserve the positions in the market and provide the consumers with the permanent inventions and new products, it should maintain its production flow to avoid the stagnation of the manufacturing (Naughton, Takayama and Sparks 2005, p. 27).   The company tries to keep the production flow active. It leads to constant updating of the company’s model range. As a result, keeping to the stable productive flow and introducing of the productive quality measures lead to the increase of sales and profits of the company, mak ing its production one of the most popular and demanded all over the world. The managerial of Toyota is sure that the more inventory, product quality control and productive flaw they have on hand, the longer their product lead time and the easier it will be for the company to react to the unexpected change in the marketplace. Considering the balance sheet of the company for 2009, it has 18 to 20 % of increased sales and is now the second foremost carmaker in the whole world. The margins of the company are approximately 17%. One of Toyota's main philosophies is the idea of constant improving both in production flaw and in quality of the products (Migliorato 2004, p.40). Employees at company Toyota production facilities are always encouraged to present new suggestions to improve their processes, modernize operations and then demonstrate devotion to the overall quality of its products. Another company under consideration is Ford Corporation. Probably, it is very difficult to find a person who does not know anything about this company. It has quite a long history making it world famous car manufacturer after Toyota and Crysler. Ford has production facilities in 22 countries on five continents in the world; it possesses 87 plants in North America and 41 in Europe. In 1995, in Europe, Ford's joint vehicle market share, at 12.2%, was the highest for the period of eleven years, with three of the eight best-selling vehicles. In 1995, Ford introduced as one of the leading and most popular vehicles in the country. It was one of the five vehicle producers (Banham 2002, p. 45). The company is not organized by geographic regions, and now it is realigned by product range, with five Vehicle Centers, every center is responsible for one group of products all over the world. The Company Ford, unlike Toyota, tries to spend as little time as possible for the development of new produ cts, thus making the process of production flow very quick. Ford is reducing the time needed for development of new vehicle from 48 to 24 months and reducing engines, transmissions, and essential car platforms by 30% all over the world. The company hopes that pooling worldwide skills and resources will lead to more variations on every car platform, increasing the number of cars introduced during the next five years by 50%. It is the essence of the permanent productive flaw of the company. Ford has introduced a variety of new initiatives all over the world, with joint ventures for the assembly of cars in such countries as China, India, Thailand and Vietnam. In China, Ford tries to launch the production of light trucks with a name of a company Jiangling Motors. In India, Mahindra Ford India Ltd. will start producing and distributing of Ford products, starting with the Ford Escort, in mid-1996 and Fiesta in 1998.   Thailand is known as country where Ford has a joint venture to manufa cture pick-up trucks (Ford 2004, p. 56).   Having the subsidiaries in different countries, the company tries to develop its productive flow. The more countries are engaged in the business of vehicles production of the company, the more vivid and permanent the productive flaw is. Needless to say, that such strategy leads to the increase of company’s sales and profits consequently. Probably, this is one of the key reasons of the company’s popularity and success in the market. One more important strategy for the company’s development is production quality and constant quality control. The managerial of the company pays particular attention to the control and testing of the manufactured vehicles. That is why, before entering to the market, the cars are properly tested. Ford is known by its qualified and secure products and such fame is possible to gain only due to constant and reliable job over the problem of product quality. Therefore, it explains high revenues o f the company and increasing of its sales and profits. Company makes huge investments in the development of new ways of quality control and improvement of the quality of produced vehicles. It is understood that in the competitive market of vehicle production quality is essential factor, presupposing company’s success. Managerial of the company should pay attention to these factors to be aware of the latest news in the market and develop the strategies that are necessary for company to be effective. References Banham, R. 2002, The Ford Century: Ford Motor Company and the Innovations that Shaped the World. New York: Artisan, p.43-46Ford, H., 2004, My Life and Work, London: Public Domain Books, p. 50-60Hales C. 2001, Managing Through Organization. 2nd ed. London: Thomson Learning Press   Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, 2010, p1-1, 1p Liker, J. 2004, The Toyota Way. New York: McGraw-Hill, p. 22-25 Naughton, C., Takayama, H. and Sparks, D. Toyota Triumph. Newsweek (Atlantic Edition), 2005, Vol. 145 Issue 19, p44-49, 6p Migliorato,P. Toyota Retools Japan, Business 2.0, 2004, Vol. 5 Issue 7, p39-41, 3p

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Author Interviews How to Appear on Podcasts for Book Promotion

Author Interviews How to Appear on Podcasts for Book Promotion Author Interviews: How to Land Appearances on Podcasts for Book Promotion Author interviews via podcast appearances are one of the best ways to build authority and reach targeted audiences of ideal readers, as well as promote your book.Best of all, once you’ve appeared on a podcast, you’ll be able to use your interview as proof of your expertise and experience when you pitch to other podcasts.This is especially beneficial if you self-published a book since you dont have the support of a big publishing house- youre doing all the book marketing on your own!And this is a powerful way to spread the word about all the good your book can do.Heres how to land author interviews:Do your researchRate and review the podcastFeature the podcast hostsTailor your pitchOffer ideas related to your bookLeverage common connections you haveSend samples of previous author interviewsCreate a one-sheetDeliver value firstNOTE: If youre ready to turn being an author into a real career, check out our Sell More Books Program where we teach you how to build sustainable income with book sales. Learn more about it hereWhy do you need author interviews?Author interviews are beneficial for authors to spread the word about themselves as an author as well as their new and previous books.Think about author interviews the same as celebrity interviews when they have movies or TV shows premiering.Heres how author interviews can benefit you:You will reach a new audienceYour audience will be more receptiveYou market yourself as an authorYou market your newest book launchYou can market any previous books you haveYou will gain a larger social platformYou will sell more booksOverall, author interviews can only help you in your quest to become a full-time author by offering you book marketing opportunities.Check out this example of how beneficial an author interview of our very own Student Success Coach, Lise Cartwright, can be below. Its available both on our Youtube channel and Podcast. With over 8700 views on Youtube and many listens on the podcast, this inter view certainly helped maintain her passive income through books.How to Get Author Interviews on PodcastsBelow, you’ll discover 9 simple strategies to stand out in the eyes of podcasters and land author interviews on their shows.#1 Do your researchFirst of all, listen to the show before reaching out to podcast hosts. Podcasters are often approached by an author who sends generic emails proclaiming â€Å"I love your show,† and then ask to become a guest to promote their book.Other times, they’re approached with specific pitch letters, but the fit isn’t right.The reason for the mismatch usually is that the author who is pitching hasn’t listened to the show.If it feels like a chore to listen to the podcast, that’s a sign that you might be better off reaching out to a different podcast host.After all, you want to find podcasts that are in your niche, which usually happens to be those you listen to anyways.Here are a few things to ask yourself wh en you want to reach out to a podcast for an interview:Do you listen to them on your own?Do you resonate with their core message/theme?Are you involved in their community on a regular basis?Would you be proud to be a featured guest on their podcast?Are you a fan of past featured guests?Answering these positively will help you determine which podcasts to reach out to. Without doing the proper research, you could wind up upsetting the hosts and burning those bridges.#2 Rate and review the showOnce you’ve listened to a show, subscribe to it on iTunes. Then, rate and review, too.Ratings, reviews, and subscriptions help the podcast’s ranking. Most importantly, reviews are a powerful form of social proof that will encourage new people to listen.Mention the review when you submit your pitch. For example, you could write, â€Å"Listening to John Doe’s description of his struggle to grow his business in spite of his terminal disease was truly inspiring. Now, when thing s get tough, that message keeps me going. That’s why it was such a pleasure to write a 5-star review of your show on iTunes.†Your message will bring awareness to what you’ve done to support the show, greatly increasing your chances of landing a guest spot.#3 Feature the podcast hostsIf you currently have a podcast or YouTube channel, invite the host to be featured as a guest.By being on your show, the podcasters will learn about your background, and most importantly, about your book. In many cases, they’ll be compelled to invite you as a guest.Even if the podcast hosts don’t ask you to be on their show, they’re still much more likely to say yes when you ask them. Also, I send a copy of my book to my podcast guests, who in many cases write a review of the book on Amazon and then offer to have me on their show.If you dont have a podcast, then feature them on your social media or website.You could also write a blog post about the main lessons l earned from the show, and tag the host on social media when the article is published. Be cautious when applying this strategy, however.A subpar article, a half-hearted effort to capture what’s valuable about the show, or overblown praise will probably backfire.#4 Tailor your pitch to the host’s story and the mission of the showWhen I first pitched my ideas to Dave Lukas, host of the Misfit Entrepreneur Podcast, I mentioned how much I loved that he’d created the show as a legacy for his daughter.When he learned that I related to and understood his mission, it was easy for him to agree to have me on his show.You can do the same. Find out why they do what they do, and if it resonates with you, then center your pitch around that.Here are a few tips for tailoring your pitch to land your author interview:Mention something you learned from their showMake a connection from yourself to the shows mission and themeConnect your books message with their showsDoing this will help you reach podcast hosts much more effectively and show them youre a great fit for their show.#5 Offer three unique ideas related to your bookBefore I submit a pitch, I research the episodes in the past two to three months to see if anyone has explored the topics I have in mind.If my topics are fresh, I submit them. If not, I reposition my expertise with a different angle.My book is about influencer marketing. If I notice that only three weeks prior, another guest talked about influencer marketing as part of a business’s marketing mix, I pitch a different aspect of the topic, such as â€Å"how to build a list of subscribers with influencer marketing,† or â€Å"how to initiate connections with social media influencers to launch your book.†Resist the temptation to speak about a topic that deviates from your book. If you do that, your interview will probably not bring in new book sales.I encourage you to take a moment right now and write down three to five to pic ideas based on the core message in your book, which you can modify depending on the targeted show.#6 Leverage common connections you have with the hostWho do you think has a better chance to get a last-minute appointment with a busy hair stylist: a complete stranger or the friend of a current customer?The same idea applies to landing guest appearances on a podcast. Common connections matter.Often, when I appear on a podcast, the host will offer to introduce me to other podcast hosts who might want to have me as a guest.This is one of the easiest ways to secure future guest appearances.You might not even need a formal introduction. When you pitch, just mention that you know one or more of their previous guests.The idea is to find common ground.#7 Send samples of previous interviewsIn every podcast pitch I submit, I include links to three of my most relevant and significant podcast appearances.Those podcast interviews are relevant because they’re ideal for the audience of the new podcast I’m targeting, and they’re significant because they have reached large audiences.If you haven’t had podcast appearances yet, I encourage you to create audio or video clips with valuable content relevant to your audience that you publish on your site, and use those links as samples for the host.Even though samples of actual podcast interviews are much more powerful, the mere fact that you have a sample of your work will help you stand out among the competition.#8 Create a one-sheetTo save yourself time and effort, and to show your professionalism, I suggest you create a â€Å"one-sheet.†A one-sheet is a document thats a summary of who you are and what you offer as a guest.You could send the link to your one-sheet with your pitch, or use the information within the one-sheet to complete your guest request form or email pitch.Regardless of the situation, having this document readily available will save you time and effort.The main elements o f a one-sheet are: BioHeadshotPotential interview topicsTalking pointsRelevant linksAffiliate linksContact informationHeres an example of my own, personal one-sheet and what all the below information looks like compiled into, well, one sheet.Now lets delve into what each of these sections needs.BioCreate different versions of your bio (50-, 100-, 150-, and 200-word bios) so you’re ready when the podcast host asks you for a specific length. If you’re submitting the entire one-sheet, include the 100-word version of your bio in it.The bio should mention your book (even if you haven’t published it yet), and other credentials as proof of your expertise, along with at least one personal tidbit about yourself.HeadshotIt’s standard for all podcast guests to submit their profile picture before they’re interviewed. Invest in a professional photographer.No selfies, please!Potential interview topicsList no more than seven topics related to your book you could explore as a guest.You can check back to step number 5 if you need to generate some.Talking pointsSome hosts will ask you to provide talking points for the topic you’ll explore. Others favor a free-form style, and will lead the interview as an informal conversation.In either case, you should be prepared to provide talking points within 48 hours of being approved as a guest, though you can double check with the podcast host for specifics about this.Relevant linksInclude links to your main website, your book, your free offer for the listeners, and your primary social media pages.Depending on the host, you might also be asked to provide an affiliate link to a free download or low-ticket offer. In most cases, providing affiliate links isn’t required, but having the ability to create such a link on demand will help you stand out.If you’re submitting the one-sheet, then just write â€Å"Affiliate link for free download available.†Contact informationInclude your email address and phone number.Having your one-sheet ready will allow you to simply copy and paste the information when you complete guest request forms or pitch via email.#9 Always aim to deliver value firstAbove all, remember that your primary goal is to deliver value to your audience, and book sales will be a natural result of that value. If instead you approach the podcasters with the only intention to sell more books, they might simply ignore you.When you submit your pitch, always start what ifs a personalized explanation of why you are a fan of the show and how you can inspire and educate its audience.Then, mention your book as an additional asset listeners may benefit from.Value First!Good luck landing your author interview!After you land your first podcast appearance, itll be much easier for you to land the next. When you least expect it, the word about your book will have spread and you will make a much greater impact with your message.What matters most is that you take a ction and start reaching out to podcast hosts. You- and your book- deserve to be known!Ready to become a successful author?No successful author started from nothing.They had to work hard and earn their place by learning and applying what they learned when writing a book.Heres how you can learn more about how to become a successful author because youll never get there if you dont start today.

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Small business Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Small business - Research Paper Example Quality assurance, in its broadest sense, is also any action taken to prevent quality problems from occurring. In practice, this means devising systems for carrying out tasks which directly affect product quality (Anon., 2011). B. At least two systems associated with the management of quality. Describe their relationships, limitations and applications. There are two popular systems associated with the management of quality that I am aware of, they are Kaizen and Total Quality Management or TQM. Kaizen is a Japanese Quality Assurance system of continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, safety and leadership. It is a system that involves every employee - from upper management to the cleaning crew. Everyone is encouraged to come up with small improvement suggestions on a regular basis. This is not a once a month or once a year activity. It is continuous. Japanese companies, such as Toyota and Canon, a total of 60 to 70 suggestions per employ ee per year are written down, shared and implemented (Anon., 2011). TQM on the other hand is a comprehensive and structured approach to organizational management that seeks to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback (Anon., 2011). TQM requirements may be defined separately for a particular organization or may be in adherence to established standards, such as the International Organization for Standardization's  ISO 9000  series. TQM can be applied. At its core, Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management approach to long-term success through customer satisfaction. In a TQM effort, all members of an organization participate in improving processes, products, services and the culture in which they work (Anon., 2011). C. The main principles that should be included in quality management systems. This should include a systematic approach; documentation of procedures, standards and specifications; innovation; review and audit; measurement and evaluation. Since the business is still new, the best quality assurance approach that is applicable to our company is Kaizen as this allows continuous improvement of the system, policies and procedures that would make the company responsive to the customer’s needs. In the implementation of our intended quality assurance system the following steps will be undertaken; 1. Identification of key tasks – this will make us know the key areas of responsibilities that is important to the over- all performance of the business. 2. Documentation of guidelines on how to do those key tasks, its processes and systems – documented tasks are easier to improve, savings us time and resources. 3. Continuously improve the readability of the documented tasks – the purpose for this is continuous improvement of readability is for easier understanding and communication. 4. Make those informations available to each workstations – this way each em ployee knows the key tasks and how to do them. 5. Create a work flow system considering the key tasks identified and documented – since the company is still new, work process are still to be created for further improvement as the business evolves. II. Choose a business that has an established quality assurance system in place and provide a summary about the business that clearly identifies the sector it operates in (manufacturer, retailer or service), its size, its main operations and its purpose or